Unleash-Ed provides targeted communications to help schools, districts, and community partners grow their community-based learning digital badging programs.

Unleash-Ed is working with schools and districts to increase the momentum in their digital badging programs.

Digital badge programs are community based, involving students and parents, practitioners and advocates, school districts, teacher education and professional development programs, policy makers, higher education, community-based organizations, and institutions.

Too many great initiatives have fizzled out because of poor communications. With so many people involved in digital badging programs, communications are critical every step of the way to ensure success.

Gain awareness, participation, and growth needed for a successful and flourishing program with Unleash-Ed. We’ll provide:

  • Communications planning and execution
  • Program brand and message development
  • Content creation for web sites, media kits, blogs, and social media
  • Cultivation of social media conversations

We’ll help you promote digital badging programs at every phase:


Unleash-Ed can help you get the word out in order to locate participants, stakeholders, champions—all who are important throughout the process of learning more about digital badging and determining if it’s right for your school, district, and community.


We can help you communicate the what and why to stakeholders in the planning process to ensure collaboration and buy-in to a shared vision. We’ll determine which communication channels work best for everyone and help set them up. We’ll also determine key metrics, tied directly to goals, to track along the way.

Launch & Trial

Transparency and conversations help everyone work collaboratively towards the same vision. We’ll promote and cultivate conversations through blogs, social networks, and online groups.


We’ll keep the conversations fluid as participants determine if the program is on track, what else they should be measuring, and learning about unexpected outcomes.


Based on what we’ve learned, what tweaks are necessary for the program to succeed? Our communications help your program go from “good” to “transformational.”